Your health is your choice

Your health is your choice

Is it time to look at our health complaints in a different way? Science shows us that our symptoms display the chemical disposition, so why not resolve them the same way. If growing pains in children can be reduced by taking Magnesium then why not join the dots and help resolve this for your child. Science shows us that Zinc, Vitamin C along with other nutrients boost your immune system then why not include these in our diets to help prevent getting sick as required. Science shows us that adding the correct fiber in our diets can resolve constipation and digestive issues then why are we not utilizing this knowledge to resolve this? With all of the research showing the incredible changes the pre and probiotics make in both the mind and body then should we not be including these foods or supplements to correct these underlying conditions as a preventative measure or to correct the condition as it presents or as a preventative measure? Is it a good idea to include medicinal mushrooms if you have a condition that they have shown to correct? 


As food has the ability to create or correct so many of our health complaints then why are we not making the most of this scientific knowledge? If your family has a medical history of having heart disease and you do nothing about it then what do you think your chances of suffering from heart disease are? Yet if you take steps to eat the foods that science has shown help prevent heart disease along with including some form of exercise then you will start to reduce the chances of getting this disease and improving quality of life instead. Including some form of exercise will not only improve your quality of life but can be preventative medicine by improving blood flow, releasing endorphins, lowering blood pressure over the long term. The advantages are too many to list, the difference can be life-changing. 


If Osteoporosis runs in the family and you make a decision to eat the correct amount of calcium and Vitamin D foods along with weight-bearing exercises then yes you can do something to stop, prevent and reverse getting this disease. This is the same for almost all conditions. We can’t change the genes that we inherit but we can provide a chemical environment that science has shown will dramatically reduce the likelihood of creating these diseases. “Let food be thy medicine"- Hippocrates coined this term in 400BC but we still seem to be missing the power that we have over our health and most people are still walking into very preventable diseases every day by what they put in their mouths and they lifestyle they choose. 


So is this the year that you choose to take control of your health, armed with the power of nutritional science, and take advantage of hundreds of years of research to improve your quality of life and actively be empowered over what happens in your health and your life? It is the little things that we do each day that over the long term make a world of difference. You don’t have to make radical changes, you just have to follow what science has shown works. Small steps lead to big changes.


So you have an opportunity to look at your family medical history and find out what science has proven can help prevent you from getting these same diseases. It doesn’t matter if it's insomnia, muscle cramps, digestive problems, anxiety, or any other condition. Science has shown that they are all correctable with the correct nutrition or supplements. Whatever it is that you're concerned about, let's see what science has shown you can do about it. Is prevention better than cure, of course, it is?


James Maloney

“Your health is  your greatest wealth” 

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