The main difference between western medicine and natural medicine is its approach to the body and diseases. In Western medicine if you have high cholesterol for example, they will give you a drug to lower your cholesterol. As long as you stay on the drug then you should be able to contain it and they won't necessarily look into the reason the cholesterol has gotten out of control in the first place.

In Naturopathy we look at what function in the body is not working that has allowed the cholesterol to be out of control. Then by flushing, stimulating and supporting the body's natural functions you can bring cholesterol back into a healthy state from that point onwards. When we acknowledge that the whole body works together as one and we support the organs and systems as a complete entity, it will thrive. When we ignore one area we are creating an imbalance that will lead to ill health.

When creating a Naturopathic formula the same principle is applied, supporting the organs, system and body as a whole and it will function correctly. So when creating the female hormone formula for example yes herbs are there to support the hormones but equally important are the herbs supporting how the hormones are distributed, cleared and removed from the body. This is what makes our formulations so unique, they are medicine for the whole body not just a condition.



Science is defined by the fact that anyone can perform the same experiment and come up with the same answer, this is what's called a scientific fact. Science allows us to understand the unknown so we can learn how to adapt or change for the better. 100% natural is not enough; today we also demand results. We make sure with our formulas that the active ingredients are set to levels in order to stimulate, relieve, reduce and repair. When we marry the scientific facts with with chemistry, biochemistry and nature's way, we have unlimited options for good health, harmony and happiness.



Multifunctional Cells, form tissue, form organs, and form systems that create the amazing human body. Multifunctional medicine is an opportunity to naturally bring about a cascade of positive change through multiple levels at once. Multifunctional health is the mind, body, breath, inspiration, relaxation, invigoration and aspiring for a better version of you.. now. Formulated to deliver results, our products simplify daily rituals while also minimising clutter and waste. Today people are popping too many pills and supplements, joining the latest miracle cure band wagon and actually doing more harm than good. This observation is clear due to frequent encounters by James our founder in his clinic over the last 25 years and is caused by overly-complicated supplement regimes and the irritants or lack of substance found in many. Our multifunctional approach means you use fewer products, simplifying your daily wellness routine and ensuring the potency and freshness of our ingredients, leading to the best results.



Raw Medicines products do NOT contain the following: sulfates, parabens, silicones, PEG, petrochemicals, mineral oils, vinyls, phthalates, phenoxyethanol, synthetic fragrance, synthetic colours or bleaches, PPG, DEAS, TEA, aluminum/alumina.


Bioavailability is a term used to describe an ingredient’s ability to penetrate the epidermal layers of the skin to deliver vital nutrients and support to the dermis, as this is where regeneration and activity happens. This also happens in the intestinal lining allowing the therapeutic nutrients to be transported across the intestines into the portal vein up to the liver. From here they are transported to the areas required and work with the body to provide a delivery system allowing for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. It is a term used to describe how our cells recognise certain ingredients and how they absorb and utilise that ingredients in delivering the results.

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Let’s start with our good friend and the Raw Medicine founder, Naturopathic doctor and yogi extraordinaire James Maloney. James has a career spanning over two decades firmly cementing him as an industry powerhouse of knowledge and experience in everything to do with natural medicine and this is his story.

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