Our Story

Raw Medicine is founded by a qualified Naturopath

Raw Medicine has evolved from the desire to provide the natural medicine alternative to common illness caused by nutritional deficiency and biochemical imbalance. You will find nothing artificial in our products we aim to provide reusable and recyclable packaging. We are passionate about protecting the environment and providing the opportunity for our products to create a social impact to those in need around the globe.
Raw Medicine products are based on the latest scientific evidence of medical herbs and nutrition, filled with nature’s goodness to enhance your quality of life.

We would like to thank you for purchasing our Raw Medicine products. Your purchase is helping us provide our social impact goals.

Raw Medicine is founded by a qualified Naturopath James Maloney. James holds over 15 years of clinical & industry experience with honours in Psycho-therapy & Counselling. James has achieved profound results with many clients with the use of medical herbs, naturopathy, nutrition, kinesiology, acupuncture, yoga, meditation & body work.

“In my clinic, day in, day out I am seeing clients who are suffering from a very similar symptom picture – fatigue, sluggishness, feelings of stress & anxiety as well as nutritional depletion – no doubt a result of our westernised, fast-paced, busy lives! For this reason, I have formulated a line of comprehensive, nutritional & herbal formulas to help support the body holistically naturally – formulas that I am confident will help my clients achieve great health!” – James Maloney