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Balance Me Natural Hormone Formula

Are you well and truly over the emotional and physical rollercoaster each month?! 

Life is hard enough without the extra stresses on both your body and your mind that a hormone imbalance can cause!  Let's get this sorted once and for all sister, let's nourish our beautiful bodies and embrace a lifestyle that promotes vitality and wellbeing.

Naturopathically formulated after 25 years of holistic care in clinic Balance Me has been created for women of all ages who are looking for a natural solution to balance their hormones and feel their best again. 

By assisting in the removal of any excess hormones via the liver and bowel, Balance Me supports your adrenals for energy levels and liver detoxification resulting in improved sleep and a balanced body temperature. It works to improve memory and concentration, allowing you to feel more in control, centered, calm and relaxed.

KEY DIFFERENCE - Instead of including every possible herb that can help with all of the different menstrual dysfunctions, we decided to use the herbs that will remove the drivers of the disfunction instead. So we have supported the adrenals and therefore energy levels during the day and sleep quality at night with Rhodiola. The nervous system is being supported reducing anxiety and hot flushes (if applicable) with Zizyphus.  To clear out the excess hormones and toxins from the liver which reduces the build up and the actual imbalance - and to also enhance clarity of mind and memory we have added Rosemary. Finally supporting the endocrine system itself and allowing your hormones to be in balance again with Chaste tree. 

By taking this approach we are resolving the disfunction that creates the imbalance from happening if the first place, negating the need for all of the other herbs in 98% of cases. This is a very unique approach to hormone wellbeing that is based on whole body medicine. Retuning to the roots of herbal medicine to always support the organ, systems and body as one. At Raw Medicines we understand that you are not just a hormone that is out of balance, its your whole body that has been thrown out creating these conditions.

Feel amazing again with the whole body medicine difference by Raw Medicine. 

Balance Me is designed to help with

  • PMS
  • Menstrual cycle irregularities
  • Promotes lactation
  • Relieve night sweats and hot flashes
  • Breast tenderness
  • Relief of sleeplessness
  • Relief of anxiety
  • Relief of irritability
  • Excessive perspiration
  • Feeling bloated
  • Indigestion 
  • Poor appetite
  • Low mood
  • Supports healthy memory
  • Relief for headaches 
  • Beneficial during times of stress
  • Relief of mental fatigue

We also believe in keeping things super simple and easy in order to help with consistency so BALANCE ME IS JUST 1 TSP PER DAY regardless of weight / age or time of the month.

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      How does it work? Chaste tree balances the hormones, Rosemary assists excessive hormones to be cleared out of the body via the liver, and enhances memory and focus. Rhodiola supports the adrenals during times of stress and imbalance, Zizyphus reduces excessive perspiration and anxiousness allowing you to feel more calm and relaxed.  

      Who can take it? Any female once menstruation has commenced all the way through to the end of menopause. 

      The Raw Medicines point of difference is most other female hormone products focus on balancing the hormones only. The Raw Medicines difference is we are supporting the liver, adrenals, memory and focus, digestion, energy levels along with balancing the hormones. Encouraging a whole body and lifestyle approach with nutritional, yoga and meditation support thrown in. This is whole body medicine, this is the Raw Medicines difference. 

      The Science








      Chaste tree is used to treat PMS, menstrual irregularities, promotes lactation, breast tenderness, PCOS (1)

      Rosemary is a powerful antioxidant, supporting circulation, liver detoxification pathways. Calmative, spasmolytic, antimicrobial, enhancing memory and focus (2)

      Rhodiola is a adaptogenic, tonic, antioxidant (3)(4)

      Zizyphus is a mild sedative, relief of sleeplessness, anxiety, irritability, excessive perspiration and night sweats (5)(6)

      DIrections for use: Take one heaped teaspoon at night. 6g Can be taken with water or other drinks or even sprinkled on food.

      Warnings and precautions: Chaste tree is best not taken in conjunction with progesterone drugs, contraceptive pill or hormone replacement therapy. Chaste tree is not recommended beyond the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. So, it is recommended weaning off it over the first 12 week period. If you're anemic, it’s best to take your iron food supplement 1-2 hours away from this product for the Rosemary content. Zizyphus is best not taken in severe diarrhea. Best taken 1 hour away from mineral supplements.    

      Store below 25 degrees Celsius and away from direct sunlight. Do not use it if the cap seal is broken.


      SERVING SIZE: 6g

      SERVINGS PER PACK 180g / 30


      FAT, TOTAL4.1g68.8g

    • FAQS

      Q How to use this product?

      A Take one 6g heaped teaspoon in the evening. Can be mixed with any hot or cold drink or food.  We recommend consuming everyday for a minimum of 1 month or ideally 3 months initially to experience maximum benefits.

      Q: What are the ingredients in this product?

      A Chaste tree 2:1                 0.5g  (equivalent to 2g daily)

         Rosemary Extract  2:1      1.0g  (equivalent to 4g daily)

         Rhodiola Extract 5:1         2.0g  (equivalent to 5g daily)

         Ziziphus Extract  2:1         2.5g  (equivalent to 10g daily)

         Total serving per day        6g per day

      Q: What does it taste like?

      A: The taste is neutral and easy to take.

      Q: Where is Balance Me produced?

      A: All Raw Medicine products are produced right here in Australia under the strict controls, guidelines and safeguards required by Australia law for your safety. 

      Q: Can I take this product with other natural supplements?

      A: Yes, this is a very healthy natural supplement to take on a regular basis. All care instructions are listed in the warnings and precautions listed below. For 99% of the population, this is the perfect product to take with any other supplement. 

      Q: Is it okay to take Balance Me if I am taking Thyroid medication or antidepressants?

      A: Yes, this is fine to take with these medications. As always, it’s best to monitor for any changes and speak with your Doctor or health care provider if you're unsure. 

      Q: Are there any interactions with other medications or supplements?

      A: This is a very safe supplement to take, but you should always be on the lookout for changes and consult your health care professional if you have any concerns.  

      Q: How long until I feel the changes?

      A: Everyone is different, with different chemistry. Some people start to notice the changes within a few days and, for others, it may take longer. As this product is a whole body medicine, you can notice the changes in the different organs and systems as they happen over the course of one month to three months for overall changes. 

      Q: Will this product help with PMS?    

      A: Yes, this product will definitely help with PMS.

      Q: Can I take Balance Me if I’m menopausal?

      A: Yes. This product is designed to support you as you move through your first menstruation all the way through to menopause and beyond. The herb Zizyphus is great for reducing hot flashes. 

      Q: Can I take this product if I take the contraception pill?

      A: For reference, please find some of the other hormonal drug classes and their cautions (if any) with Balance Me:

      Progestin Contraceptives              No known cautions

      IUD                                                   No known cautions

      HRT                                                  No known cautions

      5-α reductase I/Anti-androgens    No known cautions

      Aromatase Inhibitors                     Low Level Caution

      May theoretically interact with oestrogen-modulating drugs due to hormonal effects of herb. Preliminary in-vitro studies show beneficial effects on breast cancer cells. Human & animal studies lacking. Risk-benefit analysis & liaison with oncologist necessary.         

      Oral Contraceptive Pills                Low Level Caution

      No interaction noted in clinical trials, however two case studies globally of taking chaste tree alongside OCP resulted in pregnancy. Consider additional barrier contraception.

      It is best to check with our naturopathic support team, your doctor or health care professional as precaution.

      Q: Can I take Balance Me if I’m pregnant?

      A: If you are under the care of a healthcare practitioner, you can use Balance Me at a half dosage for the first trimester only. It is not recommended beyond the first trimester when pregnant. Weaning over this time frame under supervision is the recommendation.  

      Q: Can I take Balance Me if I’m gluten sensitive?

      A: Yes, the herbs in this formula do not contain gluten so there should be no problems at all taking it. It is always best to start at a small dose if you have any sensitivities to check for reactions. 

      Q: Can I take Balance Me if I’m starting IVF?

      A: No, it is not recommended to take Balance Me once you commence your IVF program. Balance Me is an ideal product to balance your hormones and body prior to starting IVF. Using Balance Me helps bring your body and systems into a more ideal place to help prepare you for this process ahead. Ideally, taking Balance Me for at least three months before starting IVF is recommended. 

      Once the stimulation phase and egg pick up during IVF is completed, you can reintroduce Balance Me with the embryo transfer and for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy only at a reduced dosage. If you're unsure, please consult your healthcare practitioner. Balance Me can be used post IVF if pregnancy did not happen to assist your body to clear the high doses of synthetic hormones out from the body. 

      Q: Can I use Balance Me if I am using Clomid or Letrozole?

      A Yes. Balance Me is fine to use in conjunction with these medications for inducing ovulation. Please don’t take Balance Me on the 3-5 days that you are taking these medications.  We do recommend that you wait until you have finished your course of these medications first. Then, recommence taking Balance Me again for the rest of your cycle.

      Q: Can I take Balance Me if I’m breastfeeding?

      A: If you are breastfeeding well with your newborn baby, then no. If you are struggling to produce enough milk, then it may help increase milk production. Please consult your health care professional for individual recommendations. After your baby is having solids, then you can reintroduce at a reduced dosage. If you feel Balance Me is affecting your milk production, please discontinue use. Or consult your healthcare professional.

      Q: I have started taking Balance Me and now my periods are different and the length has also changed. Is this normal?

      A: Over the first three months of taking Balance Me, you will see changes in your cycles and periods. These changes show the formula is working and assisting your body to find a healthy natural balance. You will not only notice a change in your cycles, but also in your energy levels, sleep quality and feeling more focused, less stressed and general wellbeing improvements. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or your healthcare provider. 

      Q: My skin has broken out in pimples. Is this normal from taking Balance Me?

      A: Skin breakouts are a sign that your body is clearing out toxins and hormone metabolites. This displays that the positive changes are happening and your body has started to remove these unwanted chemicals out of your body. Allowing the rebalance to commence and harmony is getting closer for you. This is part of the cleansing process that is required to bring you back into balance. This process may look and feel uncomfortable, but be aware that this is clearing out what was sitting inside your body for some time. It’s part of the natural cleansing process. If you have any concerns, please contact our support team or your health care provider. 

      Q: I really want to balance my hormones and to feel better but I don’t like the taste of the formula. What can I do?

      A: You can try taking it in a smoothie, different drinks both hot and cold. You can place the formula on your food. Play around with your different options to find what works best for you. 

      Q: Is Balance Me vegan?

      A: Yes, this formula is 100% vegan.

      Q: Does Balance Me help with endometriosis and period pain?

      A: Yes, this formula is designed to help with both of these conditions and many more. 


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