Our Story


Let’s start with our good friend and the Raw Medicine founder, Naturopathic doctor and yogi extraordinaire James Maloney. James has a career spanning over two decades firmly cementing him as an industry powerhouse of knowledge and experience in everything to do with natural medicine and this is his story.

Whilst James was living in India and Nepal both traveling and working for various charities along the way his immunity was continually challenged by the different viruses, bacterias, mosquito and waterborne diseases that were foreign to his immune system. As a result he slowly became unwell over an 18 month period. During this time he went to see the local Doctors and followed their recommendations but was not able to resolve the health challenges he was facing. Over this time he had lost a lot of weight and was becoming a mere shell of the person he once was.

His landlord where he had been living for the last few months was surprised to see him return as he knew he was leaving the country to seek medical help. He suggested he go to see his personal Ayurvedic Doctor. Jame’s initial scepticism wavered with the reality that he had nothing to lose and was running out of options. So he went to see the Ayurvedic Doctor and during the consultation he asked a lot of seemingly unrelated questions and poked and prodded, looking at his tongue, eyes and fingernails as part of his diagnosis. At the end of the consultation James left with a big bottle of liquid herbs and some instructions.

He had put on weight and looked and felt so much better. It was an incredible change so quickly after such a long period of decline in his health. He returned to his office for one last time and got another different herbal mixture before leaving the country the next day. James continued to take the herbs and a few weeks later arrived at a modern hospital in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia to get some testing done to find out why he had been so sick for so long. They did the blood work and he returned a few days later for the results.

The Doctor listened to his story about how sick he had been and the test results showed antibodies for amebic dysentery, malaria, dengue fever and hepatitis A. By the time he was at the hospital he had put on over 10kg and looked and felt almost back to his previous health before getting so sick. He was now a strong advocate for herbal medicine.

After being away for many years it was time to return home to Australia. Settling back into Australian life he saw an advert in the local paper for the Academy of Natural Therapies. They offered Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine courses and had an open day the following week.

At that moment James realised that this was what he wanted to do with his life. He always knew he wanted to help people but thought he would work for a charity in a developing country. This offered him the opportunity to help people naturally and to be able to practice in Australia or anywhere in the world. That day James knew he would become a Naturopath. Little did he know it was just the start of his studies not the end….

James continues to work privately from his practice in Burleigh Heads and has helped thousands of people over the years to obtain their optimum health naturally, giving them the opportunity to live their best life daily to their full potential.

Maloney describes his unique naturopathic formulas as;

“a blend of everything that’s really important to me; they are all natural, efficient, whole body support - treating the human system as a complete entity. My goal is to create independent health through holistic and effective options.”