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Miron Glass Storage

Miron Violet Glass is the best storage method for your herbs or organic matter, like our formulas. We recommend Miron Glass as it uses a specialized form of violet glass to protect your products from harmful light energy that can deplete the naturally active components in Raw Medicine ingredients. 

Eco Bonus - Reuse this jar to help us reduce packaging and waste, make a positive impact. 


  • Protect
  • Prolong
  • Revitalize


  • Enhance flavors
  • Reduce aging and increase shelf life
  • Preserve bio-energy, protect and revitalize potency 

Miron Glass Storage Jar Dimensions:

300 - Suitable for up to approx 150gm of Balance MeRe-energise, or Mushroom Extract

  • ~Weight: 0.270 kg
  • ~Dimensions: 7.5cm x 13cm

500  - Suitable for up to approx 300gms of Balance MeRe-energise or Mushroom Extract

  • ~Weight: 0.445 kg
  • ~Dimensions: 15.5cm x 8cm 

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    Danny Zvartora

    Yoga & Meditation Teacher Health & Wellness


    I am super passionate all things health, fitness and well-being. In saying this I am down to indulge in any brand that is going to support, restore and nurture my body inside and out to allow me to be and show up as the best version of myself.

    Lyndal Bennadretti

    Nutritionist (BHSc. NutMed) & Yoga Teacher


    As a yoga practitioner & teacher, it is very much a part of my daily life to live and breathe health and wellness. From the food we eat to the way we fuel our mental & spiritual health - it is a vital part of our existence.

    Sterling Rawson

    Personal Trainer of 16 years Sports Power Coach Plant Based (4 years)


    I’ve been using Re-Energise Magnesium for over a year now and not once has it failed to assist my body to relax & recover after an intensive workout or long week of working.


    All Raw Medicine products are formulated and approved by certified and experienced naturopaths


    All Raw Medicine products are approved by certified nutritionists


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