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Organic 12:1 Reishi Mushroom Extract

Reishi mushroom has antiviral, anti inflammatory and immune boosting properties that will take your immunity to the next level. It has been found to possess immune-modulating and immune-potentiating capabilities and has been characterized as a wonder herb. It . Science has shown it can also support and balance the nervous system when under stress. Research says that the consumption of Reishi mushroom reduces the time it takes to fall asleep, increasing sleeping time, reducing light sleep and improving sleep quality.  Allowing the adrenals to be supported creates more energy and reduces the need for coffee and other stimulants.  Naturally organic and a 12:1 potent mix for additional strength to promote health and vitality.

Rigorously and independently tested to ensure purity - we test for metals, pesticides, moulds and microbials with TGA accredited facilities.

  • 12:1 Organic powder
  • Considered a 'spiritual' herb believed to nourish the spiritual essence of our being
  • Refined-sugar free, sweetened by nature
  • Easily digestible
  • 100% natural with NO artificial flavours
  • NO artificial sweeteners
  • Vegetarian and Vegan friendly
  • Naturally free from dairy, soy and gluten

Science says   

  • Enhancing the immune system
  • Supports the nervous system
  • Supports the adrenals, hormones (indirectly), digestion and energy levels
  • Provide protection from cellular damage
  • Increase the production of master antioxidant glutathione
  • Reverse mild fatty liver conditions
  • Protects the liver
  • Displays anti aging effect on the body
  • Great for women with fibromyalgia
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Powerful antioxidant
  • Powerful anti-inflammatory
  • Calming and relaxing


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      People have enjoyed the increased health benefits of this particular mushroom for hundreds of years and Reishi is considered a 'spiritual' herb believed to nourish the spiritual essence of our being. Science has shown it can support and balance the nervous system when under stress and reduces the time it takes to fall asleep, allowing the adrenals to be supported creates more energy and helps indirectly to support the hormonal system.  Consumption of Reishi mushroom can increase the wholly grail of all antioxidants in the body Glutathione, one of the most powerful antioxidants known to mankind. It has also been shown to increase antioxidant enzymes and reverse mild fatty liver conditions, providing protection from every cell in the human body from cellular damage.  Fibromyalgia is a chronic disease characterized by generalized pain, poor physical conditioning, non-responsive sleep and poor health related quality of life and research has shown that the consumption of Reishi mushroom significantly improved the quality of life in women with this debilitating condition.


      100% organic 12:1 Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) mushroom extract

      (12:1 = 12kgs of mushrooms produces 1kg of concentrated extract)


      ¼ to ½ teaspoon daily in water or any drink of choice hot or cold



      Serving suggestion 1.5g

      QTY PER 1.5G QTY PER 100G
      ENERGY 23.6kJ 1574.8kJ
      PROTEIN 0.1g 9.4g
      FAT, TOTAL 0g 0g
      SATURATED 0g 0g
      CARBOHYDRATE 1.2g 83.1g
      SUGARS 0g 0g
      SODIUM 0.5mg 35.2mg
    • FAQS

      1. Will Reishi mushroom help me to feel relaxed?

      Yes after taking Reishi mushroom every day of a month you will be feeling more calm and relaxed, have improved sleep and energy levels and enjoy the benefits of an enhanced immune system. 

      2. What does 12:1 mean and why is it important?

      12:1 = 12kgs of mushrooms produces 1kg of concentrated extract.  This is important to know as the majority of other mushroom extracts available are 10:1 in strength.  Ours is therefore a powerhouse.

      3. Are your mushrooms tested for heavy metals?

      All our mushrooms are rigorously and independently tested to ensure purity - we test for metals, pesticides, moulds and microbials with TGA accredited facilities.

      4.  Are your mushrooms organic?

      Yes. All of our organic ingredients and products have been fully traced back to where they were grown by the mineral content of the soil, we know each ingredient well.  All our mushroom extracts are 100% organic USDA Certified, we have long standing relationships with all our growers and suppliers and they have been tested under the highest International and Australian organic testing standards. Our Australian 3rd party testing for heavy metals and other contaminants ensures we have provided another layer of confidence in this potent ingredient's quality. 

      5.  Where are your mushrooms sourced from?

      Most mushrooms are grown on wood chips, Reishi is the exception. Our Reishi is grown on Duanwood, which has been shown to absorb more nutrients. They are grown in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. The climate is ideal for the production of Reishi mushrooms, absorbing all of the nutrients within the environment. They are organically grown in a greenhouse, temperature controlled to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of this amazing mushroom. The mushroom sticks are created in December and then planted in April and collect the spore powder after 45 days. They are then harvested once they have reached their full potential. They are then tested twice according to the AHPA American Herbal Products Association. Testing for heavy metal content, active ingredients and purity. 

      6. What is the process of manufacturing?

      Once the mushrooms have passed through our ridgid testing and selection process, they are washed then placed into a giant stainless steel vat with warm water. This enhances the extraction of the active ingredients, it’s not too hot to affect the chemical bonding holding and protecting the structures and preserving them. After this process is completed they are then drawn through a sieve allowing all of the water soluble active ingredients to be removed.

      The second process uses alcohol instead of water to extract the medicinal properties. Again after the ingredients are removed they are placed through a sieve and we then have both the fat and water soluble properties of these amazing mushrooms. This process is very effective at preserving the active ingredients, allowing them to live on once individually packed and ready for consumption. 

      7. Can I take Reishi if my immune system is healthy?

      Yes, building up your immune system is one of the best things you can do to help protect you each and every day. It’s when we get run down or worn out that we are more vulnerable. So by taking something to support your nervous system and your immune system before it is weakened is a massive advantage to help protect yourself.

      8. When will I see results?
      This is a difficult one to answer as we all have unique and different body's that react in their own way. Some people feel the benefits as soon as they start taking their mushrooms while for others it may take a couple of weeks to a month.  We recommend you take daily and consistently and trust the process of your own personal wellness journey.


    Danny Zvartora

    Yoga & Meditation Teacher Health & Wellness


    I am super passionate all things health, fitness and well-being. In saying this I am down to indulge in any brand that is going to support, restore and nurture my body inside and out to allow me to be and show up as the best version of myself.

    Lyndal Bennadretti

    Nutritionist (BHSc. NutMed) & Yoga Teacher


    As a yoga practitioner & teacher, it is very much a part of my daily life to live and breathe health and wellness. From the food we eat to the way we fuel our mental & spiritual health - it is a vital part of our existence.

    Sterling Rawson

    Personal Trainer of 16 years Sports Power Coach Plant Based (4 years)


    I’ve been using Re-Energise Magnesium for over a year now and not once has it failed to assist my body to relax & recover after an intensive workout or long week of working.


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    All Raw Medicine products are approved by certified nutritionists


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